Unstable volume across whole phone and pausing music on its own.


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Aug 7, 2018
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A few weeks ago I started to experience an issue with my phone (Galaxy S6) volume. While playing any music, including background music in apps and games, YouTube, recordings, and whatever else there is, the volume will suddenly drop to about half volume. Kinda like when you get a notification while music is playing, but there is no notification and it lasts longer. The volume slider is still at full volume when it does this. It'll just drop and then come back to the proper volume after 3 ish seconds or even after a minute. There are no special sound settings on. While using the music player, the songs will also randomly pause on their own. This happens with and without bluetooth.
I've tried "cleaning up" the phone but that didn't work. I've tried turning off notifications to recent apps. Tried deleting recent apps. I've seen this issue posted before but it was never resolved. I've read that a factory reset does not work. The only thing that seems to work is turning on airplane mode, but I can't say that it actually works because the issue will randomly appear to go away for a while and then come back
Any suggestions are welcome. Hoping it's not just due to age.
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