Upcoming phones. WHAT TO DO?!?!


Feb 3, 2011
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Ok, so the title kinda says it all. I was dead set on the Thunderbolt but now with MWC and the TB still not being here, i am starting to doubt my choice.

I am an OG DROID user (day 1, w00t) and am ready to upgrade to something a little speedier. I love the OGness of it but I never use the keyboard and its just grown too slow. Since stock android isn't an option at this point on Verizon, I have a decision to make. The choice is down to these options:

HTC Thunderbolt
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
HTC DROID Incredible S (2?)
Motorola DROID X2

Timing being a key factor, I still tend to side with the Thunderbolt. (oh, and a kickstand too. that thing looks cool!!) But, with verizon's new crappy upgrade policy, i won't be able to upgrade after a year, and worry that the TB will grow "old" quicker than others (namely the BIONIC).

I want atleast a 4" screen so all of those seem to meet my needs. Motorola is looking like its adopting dual-core sooner but its hard to decide if that's really a good thing or not. (some people are saying it will be extra that will not be of use. others saying that the new snapdragons are beasts in their own right, etc.). so thats hard to decide. The X2 has the exact same look at the X and think its just a little too big so that one may be at the bottom (unless it has stock ui). and now the damn play coming to big red has thrown another wrench into my thinking....that's something that might be fun/useful. But idk how much i would use the game-pad.

So, anyone having a similar dilemma? Care to offer some insights that i might not be thinking of? What are you all leaning towards?


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Feb 25, 2011
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Not really. I had to renew to get that chapter plan a few months so so I won't be able to do a 1 year until this one expires (right?) in like a year and a half...

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vzw offers a yearly upgrade but u gotta pay 20 bucks to do so..sucks yes i know but u can..