Update android to lollipop, Tmobile carrier with GSM AT&T Galaxy Note 4


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I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that I purchased new this summer. It is an AT&T unlocked GSM device. My carrier is TMobile and with the SIM card it works great with one exception. I want to update my OS from Kitkat 4.4.4 to the current Lollipop and cannot figure out how to do it, What I have tried:

1) On device go to Settings>General>About Device>Software Update>Check for Updates. Result: Phone says current software is up to date.

2) From Kies3 from PC - after successfully connected go to Information>Check for Updates. Result: Returns latest version is installed. Installed version: Ver. 3/2/15072_2. I think this is reading the firmware for 4.4.4 and confirming that that is current but does not give me any opportunity to update OS. I tries this in airplane mode with and without SIM card and with and without wifi turned on.

I have talked to TMobile and Samsung they were useless. Samsung even transferred me to AT&T which was stupid as they could not help as my carrier is TMobile.

I challenge one of you to figure this out. Thanks.


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