Update: Yes you Can still get pre ME7 phones at Verizon


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Aug 1, 2013
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Yes, you can still get MDK phones at Verizon.

I just got a 16gb one (no control over 32gb [which I wanted] since it must be ordered) at the store.

I asked specifically for it and the rep got it for me, he also said that all the phones were MDK and he didn't have to search for it. Its on the outside of the box on the tag. I guessed/hoped it might be before I went in.

I told him specifically I didn't want the phone if it had the updated firmware. So I asked him to leave the SIM card out of the phone and turn it on. Then we had to say just use WIFI, then immediately turned off WIFI, then confirmed in properties that the phone was MDK. Then turned it off and I took it home.

So this is good news, just don't let the thing update, at all, at all.

I just hope this info is helpful to others.


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Is it still possible to get a preME7 S4 at Verizon?

Are all the 32gb phones ME7? Should I even try to find a 32gb S4 if I want a preME7 phone?

How do I tell at the store what build the phone is, and how do I prevent the CSA from doing an update on it, and/or prevent an automatic OTA before I can root it at home, flash the ROM and make a restore point?

Thank you for your help.
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