Updating Amon_RA to 2.3 question..


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Jul 25, 2010
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[Recovery] [09-Feb-2011] RA-supersonic-v2.3 - xda-developers

i'm currently running 2.2.2, as far as i know 2.3 is the newest version..

to update, here are the directions:
- the Bootloader way - - Thanks Tiffany84 ^^

Place PC36IMG.zip on the root of your sd card.
Boot the phone into the bootloader by powering the phone down, then press the power and the volume down buttons at the same time.
Once the phone boots into the bootloader the phone will automatically recognize the zip file. It will ask if you would like to update, select yes and let it do it's thing and you will be good to go

but there are 2 files attached with the post,

.. do i put both on the root of my sd and follow the above directions? and will it mess up my current installed ROM in any way?


PS- Or would this method be easier? and same questions as before
- via terminal app or adb - (Make sure your rom contains flash_image!!)

Copy recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img to the root of your sdcard
start the terminal app or launch adb
su(press enter)
flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img(press enter)
reboot recovery(press enter)


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Jul 31, 2010
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The rom manager I have still only has ra 2.2. So I will just waiting till rom manager updates and gets ra 2.3

Ahhh, yeah. Rom manager lags a bit sometimes :p
I'm a clockwork kinda guy myself though.

UGH, I kind of want an evo right now just cause the name Amon Ra is so cool makes me want to use it lol

Well, you have voodoo? I think thats pretty cool. I guess. If you're into that sort of thing... ;)