Upgrade of the Month Club


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Jul 4, 2010
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It's clear that we Droid owners are downright passionate about our phones AND the upgrades. I mean, the traffic picks up, posts and tempers and allegiances start flying along with preferences and everyone get's giddy and excited over an upcoming update...
quietly and incessantly: Settings, About phone, System updates.
And when that popup is there that you have an update ready to download..well,
It's like Christmas for adults. Some even get up during the night to check. Not me, I love my sleep.

So, they should make a phone that gets updates every month!!
Kinda like a Columbia House Record club.. *that'll date ya if you know what that is*.
The 'Upgrade of the Month' club
Let us choose. Make up a bunch of versions.
Sure, it'll reeeeek havoc on phones. But really?
It doesn't appear the masses are concerned about the havoc potential.
They want new,,,,,phresh,,,,1up the Jones....bragging rights.
So yea, IMA pull a Steve Jobs and make a phone that's just an receptacle for cool upgrades. Each totally customizable.
It'll sell like wildfire and I'm gonna name the upgrades after beautiful women.
Starting with Sofia V 1.1
Ok, out there, just a little levity while we wait.
Then again, I might have something.