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Upgrade to a S23 Ultra ?

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Anyone else still clinging on to your 10+ upgrading to a S23 Ultra ?

If not an S23 Ultra, what's the best newer phone out there with an SD slot ?

I haven't felt a big need to upgrade over the last few years. Especially with the removal of the SD card slot which really aggravated me. I like having access on the fly to my complete music and photo collections right from my phone which I can have with me at all times.

I've recently been considering however possibly upgrading to a S23 Ultra since my phone is several years old now. Looks like there's a free memory upgrade to 256 from Verizon and or Samsung, which lessens the blow of nonSD slot. It appears I can get $800 trade in value which isn't too bad. Having 5G would be nice and the upgraded camera.

Not a big fan of the colors offered. Unfortunately the lime green I'd like is only if you get an unlocked phone which I wouldn't be getting.

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