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Upgrading from deprecated phone. LG V10 vs HTC 10? On Verizon.


AC Question

I'm about to upgrade to a modern phone (finally), after years of using the ancient LG enV2, due to major financial hardship preventing me from being able to upgrade my phone and plan.

So now finances have greatly improved and now I want to upgrade. Buying the phone via my carrier would save me more money than buying an unlocked phone, so this way is strongly preferred (so no Nexus 6P, sadly).

Out of all the phones out there, I've been looking at either the LG V10 or the HTC 10.

What I need most out of a phone is great gaming performance, a great camera, ample storage, and more importantly excellent headphone audio and excellent LTE reception.

I have a set of Audio Technica ATH-M50X headphones that I just purchased, and the lackluster headphone output of most phones kind of defeats that purpose. The dedicated DAC + amplifier of both phones is a must have for me.

The LG V10 seems to have the better camera as well as better software and controls, but the HTC 10 is newer, has USB type C with 3.1 speeds, and has SN820 compared to the V10's 808.

Phone size is a non-issue as I have large hands, though the smaller HTC 10 could have an advantage when having the phone in my pocket.

Major questions are as follows.

SN820 vs 808. Would I notice the difference in 3D gaming and daily usage?

Any real differences between the V10 and HTC 10 in terms of antenna performance?

How is the HTC 10's camera relative to the V10?