Upgrading from Moto X2 (rooted) to LG G2 vs980, how big of a jump is it?


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upgrading from moto x2 (rooted) to lg g2 vs980 how big a jump is it

my x2 has been a good ,but not great phone.i would like to to root the lg g2,but after seeing all the post about them being bricked and many problems with upgrading to lollipop..since I would have to pay to get it rooted,(not very tech.smart).should I just leave it as is,and not upgrade the o.s.????? it will be going on tracfone..


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: upgrading from moto x2 (rooted) to lg g2 vs980 how big a jump is it

TracFone uses their own ROMs (to keep track of your minutes), so rooting them is iffy. I wouldn't. If you have to have a rooted phone, go with a network provider like Straight Talk - at least you can bring your own phone, which means that you can root it. (The 980 will work with a Straight Talk AT&T SIM [the blue map, if you're buying the kit at Walmart], it's easy to root if you have the 10G ROM [I haven't tried with the 20G or 20H, but the 980 forum on XDA Forums will have the information, and it's simple to flash a ROM to it], and it's a nice phone.)

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