Uploading photos in apps (Snapchat, Insta, Twitter etc) photos displayed in WRONG order - help!?


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May 2, 2017
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Hi there, bit of a long ask, so breaking it down to bullet points.

- I have a HTC One M9 since Mar 2017. Prior had a One M8 from Jan 2015 to before I got the M9
- Photos taken on the M8 and M9 are stored on my SD card, as well as other non-camera photos
- Since I have had the M9, everytime I try to upload a just-taken photo to Instagram / Twitter / Snapchat, it does not appear as the most recent photo, but all the photos from my M8 and non-camera photos appear first
- In Snapchat even, with its ability to share photos from your camera roll, these same old images appear first, with the date on the pop-out scroll bar showing as October 2022 (very weird)
- Meaning the timestamp or something is misbehaving in these apps.. *although* all the images appear in the correct date order in the stock Gallery app and QuikPic

Since then I have tried the following work arounds:
1. using the stock gallery app to share the image that way… but this is not always ideal, and doesn’t work via Snapchat
2. as the M9 started the camera number from IMAG0001, and the oldest number from the M8 was 3517, I renumbered all the M9 pics to continue from this number to see if the apps would list the images from highest/newest first.
2a. this has made the situation worse, as the order is now even more jumbled and inaccurate
2b. even putting the old images in a new 100MEDIA folder called 101MEDIA to force read it did not work
2c. freshly taken pictures appear, but are listed after pictures taken before it, from a couple of days to weeks
3. the old non-camera images was still appearing first, in a random order before all the camera images, so a . was placed infront of the folder name to hide it
4. the timestamp / date modified was correct and in the right order, so this was something I couldn’t even change to force the apps to list the images differently

So therefore:
- what is the issue / what is going wrong?
- is it an SD card or app issue?
- is it a timestamp problem?
- how can I fix this very annoying problem?
- biggest culprits this is seen in: Twitter (when uploading photo, wrong order) Instagram (same) Snapchat stories (same

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