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USB Cable and Bluetooth not working?


AC Question

My phone is running very low on space to the point where I can't do anything normally. I have to save some of my photos onto my laptop to free up space on my phone. Only problem is, my cable will not connect it to the laptop. What I mean is, I plug it into both the laptop and the phone, and the phone will start charging, but it won't show the notification that asks if you want to transfer media files. It used to do this without fail, and now I don't understand why it won't, seeing as though the cable appears to be in perfect working condition.
I have also connected them via Bluetooth, but no matter how many times I try to "share" the photos, disconnect and reconnect the two, they always fail. Always. I just don't understand why.
I've tried other cables with it, and that doesn't work either. I have no access to any other computers to test this with, and I don't fully understand why it won't work as it was working just several weeks ago without fail.
Please help, I don't want to delete any of these photos, I've already had to get rid of a lot of wonderful memories by deleting some, and I really don't want to get rid of any more. Thank you so much for your help.