USB key not detected on 1 tablet but not the other

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Hello, I have 2 Galaxy Tab S2 bought at the same time. Same model, same android.
But on my tablet, the usb key is not detected while it works on the other tablet.
After installing OTG Troubleshooter, I see that on the 2nd tablet, everything is in green, and the key is detected. But on the 1st tablet, I only get the first 2 green checkmarks and the last 2 are red Xs.

Why is that happening and how can I fix it?
If it was an incompatible usb key, or badly formated one, it would not work on any devices. If it was 2 different tablets, a lot of things could explain the different result. But on 2 identical tablets, I really have no idea what is happening.

Thank you