USB, SD card, WI-FI, prob's HELP :(


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Feb 21, 2012
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I traded this dude my pool table for a samsung galaxy s2, I couldnt really check the phone over bcuz I dont have sprint service, so I had to basically take him at his word that everything worked. Well I called sprint to find out it has a bad esn so even if I wanted to switch services I couldnt use this phone. So I was going to have it flashed to use on boost or page plus, well thats when I discovered the USB will charge the phone but thats it, it doesnt let me inside it even using kies. So I decided to try it through the SD card well the phone doesnt realize it has a SD card in it & it works in my other phones & sd card reader on pc. Wifi wont connect on it, I am able to get bluetooth to connect but my laptop doesnt have bluetooth so go fig! What can I do with this phone? At this point I regret ever doin the trade but what is done is done. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thx a ton for listening to me rant :)