USB tether to pc no internet in 4g - many answers - anyone know truth?


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Feb 21, 2016
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Was using my LG F6 w/a usb tether to my laptop w/win 7 no problem. Upgraded to Win 10 same day I bought an unlocked, new, Nexus 6. (yes, proly first mistake but done now)

Store put my MetroPCS sim into it. Have unlimited data (old plan still in effect) (even if not, never get close to the 5.0 gb to get throttled down). Tried to connect to Nexus 6 and although my Laptop will connect to the Nexus 6 - no internet. Changed my phone to 3g - connected to laptop w/usb tether and got internet. Slow 3g internet. humph....

Changed to lte, no internet - ran troubleshoot on the connection and I find there is a DNS problem. Updated my Nexus 6 system to the latest android 6.01 hoping they had resolved what ever the problem is - nope.

Tried using the Google DNS on my Laptop's adapter settings no internet, cannot find a place to put a open DNS on android side.

Called MetroPCS to verify they were not responsible for problem but they said I could use my phone for internet on PC and they ran their diagnostics and did their remote phone "fixes". Nothing changed.

Am online now w/Nexus 6 tethered to my Laptop w/LTE enabled but I am using Faveset Klink w/google DNS buy it is pretty slow, sometimes way slow.

I've been researching this issue for couple of weeks to the point of exasperation! I have found this same issue, or versions of it, all over. Some advice puts blame the service provider, att, version, etc, saying it will be resolved by contacting them. While others say it is the type of plan certain providers only allow tethering on some plans. The problem is not limited to Nexus 6 as I have found people looking for solution who have S6 as well as other phones. Some advice is saying Android has disabled the tether to pc because of pressure from providers. If it is not a feature why is it there then? Could it be the fact that my laptop is from 2007? But it has lot of ram and HD and no problems.

I'm just trying to see if there is anyone who knows what/how/why, Android tethering to Laptop on these phones is not seeing the internet with 4g? Maybe more important is whether or not I am going to be able to resolve this to a useful speed without rooting my unlocked phone?

I am happy to try a different app for the tether even if it costs some $$ (just not a lot of $$). I just don't want to try rooting the phone unless it is absolutely the only way this is going to work.

Sorry for being long winded just wanted to give all the info :)

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