USB Tethered DATA Crashes / drops Weekly

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Feb 22, 2016
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Hi All,

I've got (6) LG Leons (on T-Mobile) that are primarily being used to back up my a DSL line in a remote mountain area of New Mexico for my remotely controlled observatories. The local ISP tells me that the DSL service is as good as I'm going to get. I use the (6) Leons as backups for when the DSL drops out.

I'm having some problems with the USB cable tethering dropping out on (5) of my (6) Leons once a week (or so), all within minutes of each other. The T-mobile Leons are on AC chargers, and they're designed to be always-on, backups to my DSL line. When the DSL line goes down, the data stream is transferred over to the LEONS. The phone are on a reliable UPS so power is not an issue.

We have excellent Line-of-Sight to the T-mobile towers and we get 65mbs down and 15mbs up. The phones are only used to make an occasional out-going call (I need the phone service so I don't want hotspots), and as a backup internet connection for when the DSL line is acting up. The T-mobile data plan that I'm on gives me 20 Gigs of data per month, per phone for tethering and I never exceed my data caps, and some phone use very little data. So I'm not running into any kind of a data cap problem (which has been confirmed by T-mobile).

One of my Leons goes for months at time without dropping the USB tether connection (all the phones are identical hardware versions, and all the software settings are identical - checked and re-checked). For some unknown reason, every 7 to 10 days (5) Leons disconnect the USB tethering within in minutes of each other, and they have to be manually reset. To reset the phones, takes a trip up the mountain to the observatories and Power OFF / ON - then restart the tethering. The sixth Leon works just fine for months at a time.

I can move the good phone from observatory to observatory and it always works, week after week regardless of what observatory its in. So that tells me that problem lies in the other phones OR there may be some kind of T-Mobile / Android update issue going on in the background that breaks the USB tethering connection on (5) of the phones. FYI, we previously used Verizon phones & Verizon tethering plans with same setup and we never had this drop out problem.

Months ago, I added a SMS / Call blocker to all the phones (no help), T-mobile has disable incoming calls and all messages to all the phones (no help), and the techs at T-mobile have been very helpful, but they're out of answers. These phones do not receive any calls, messages, or emails and they're not logged into any accounts so there is no background "SYNCing" going on.

Just this past weekend, I Kingrooted 2 of the phones that are having the USB tethering disconnect problem and I went into the rooted phones to disable UPDATE services from T-mobile and Google, plus I removed all non-essential Bloatware that I could find. It will be another week or so before we'll know if rooting made any improvements, so we'll see....

Any ideas as to why (1) Leon works perfectly (a non-rooted phone), and yet all the others drop the USB tethering connection every week to 10 days? This dropping the connection has been going on since I got the T-mobile phones about 6 months ago.

Any suggestions as how to keep the USB tethering always on?

Thanks, JTC.
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