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Use android phone to connect PC to WIFI.. how?


AC Question

Here's the problem:

I have WiFi at home which reaches everywhere in the house.
I have a computer upstairs which cannot pick up WiFi.
I used to use "USB tethering" to connect the PC to my home WiFi through my old phone.
My old phone died and I got a new phone (android 4.4 Kitkat) and there is no "USB tethering" option. At all. Just "Portable WiFi hotspot" and "Bluetooth Tethering". It's not greyed out it's just not there.

Any ideas? All I want to do is use my home WiFi on the computer using my phone to take the signal.

Thanks for your time!

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Not all phones support USB tethering. Have you considered a wi-fi range extender, or perhaps a PowerLine setup in your house? I use PowerLine to send an Ethernet connection to a power outlet that then connects to a second access point router.