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Use Samsung Smart Call with Galaxy S9 on Verizon


New member
Dec 18, 2012
I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 with Verizon.
I am very happy with my Galaxy S9 and am very happy with Verizon's reception, especially in my area. HOWEVER, I really don't like how Verizon has a tendency to disable things that I should be able to enjoy with my SAMSUNG phone (namely, Samsung Smart Call) and replace it with a service that I need to pay for (and believe to be less aesthetically pleasing) such as Verizon's Caller ID services.

Is there a way I can get Smart Call on my Verizon Galaxy S9? Please?


Jul 14, 2011
Unfortunately unless someone 'rips' the APK of the stock 'stock' phone dialer and Caller ID, nope. You can use a 3rd party service like SyncMe but that's about it.

Not sure if T-Mo doesn't have it or not, because the settings and appearance differs from what is described on the Samsung page, but it does show Spam callers as Spam and can still look up places' phones from the dialer. Maybe Verizon also has it like that and might be just called something different (like when everyone was still doing S-Calendar and they were doing just Calendar)?


New member
May 18, 2010
The only way is to get the Unlocked version of the phone and then Smart Call will work on the S9.


New member
Jan 24, 2019
You just need the correct cscfeature.xml and it will have the features.

Do you know which line of code to add to the cscfeature.xml file? I found a decoder and I can use it to re-encode the file. or which version carries the correct cscfeature file?