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So have a Samsung S7. Switched providers from US Cellular to Verizon on 9/6. Have not been able to receive MMS or pic text and it shows 3G or nothing and we are paying for 4G.

Followed the above handout and added a new APN, saved. Not able to view as my phone will not allow me to see what they are.

I have called my new providers 4 times talking to Tier 1 and Tier 2 3 times. They had me check the phone and said the phone works fine but something wrong with their towers. They mentioned 3 are near me I recall the street names he mentioned but he did not share the address.

Tier 2 person created a ticket and sent it on for further help. Was first looked at on 9/12 after calling the 2nd time on 9/11. Received a text saying that I would receive an update in 24 hours. Well 24 hours later I received another text that they are still working on it but will text with an update in 48 hours. I called the Tier 2 person as he sent me a pic with his number. He said he had no notes. He would take my request above him. That was at 2:40 pm our time today.

I just need to know if my phone will or not work with Verizon. Since we have a CDMA card and most companies are going exclusively to GMA cards our phone will soon be outdated I am afraid.

Just paid our phones off. I can receive group messages and pic text but can not send. Is really hampering us as both sides of family are large and do not live in the same town.

Unfortunately our only option may be to go back with our previous provider even though we were told on 2 separate occasions that our phones would work before we switched. We will have to pay the activation fee again if we go anywhere else and my son lives in another state which is not served by US Cellular.

Any help would be appreciated. GAM

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Welcome to Android Central! What's the exact model number of the phone, in Settings>About Phone​? Did you get it from US Cellular, or did you get it unlocked from somewhere else?

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