Using Moto X Gen 1 with new Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet: how to sync?


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Please can anyone help me:

I have both the above devices with the tablet being new and my first tablet.

I use my Moto X for answering a lot of FB personal messages, texts etc but when I get home and go to use my tablet, all those messages are still there - the tablet doesn't know that I have answered all those and so my devices are not in sync (if that's the correct word here). So I laboriously have to go through and close each one. Same thing then happens if I'm home using my tablet and next day go to use Moto X - I have all the stuff I've already dealt with on my tablet looking like it's new stuff.

Please tell me how I can have them work together so that what I do on one is reflected on the other.

Question 2:
Samsung is 'stealing' the emails I read on the Samsung from the server so when I look for them later on phone or desktop they are gone. How to fix please?

Thank you SO MUCH,

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! On both devices make sure Auto-Sync is turned on (in the Quick Settings toggles, or in the System Settings, usually in the Mobile Networks menu or the Data Usage menu). Also, go to Settings>Data Usage, and make sure Restrict Background Data is not turned on, either universally or individually for an app (select Facebook in that list and make sure it isn't set to Restrict Background Data).

If everything is set correctly, the two devices should sync with your various accounts pretty quickly.


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Jul 18, 2013
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That's funny Carolyn.

You want your email messages in question two to behave like your Facebook messages in question one.

And your Facebook messages in question one to behave like your email messages in question two.😀

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