Using the SGIII as a phone and more


Jun 6, 2012
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Now that there is a pre-sale sign up hours away, I am seriously considering the phone, but I have a few questions that I could not find answers to because all the hype is focused on all of the fancy wiz bang stuff. I hope that I can get some good direction here.

My Verizon contract is coming to an end on 6/17. At that time, I plan to once again say good-bye to my Blackberry.

I was an early adapter to the original Droid when it first came out, but after a number of frustrating problems (and I was far from alone), I soon returned the phone in favor of a newer model BB to the one that I had given up. But that was then.

I am happy to see how far the Android market has come and I am looking forward to returning. However, I simply want to get some feedback/answers to a few basic feature questions.

First and foremost, can anyone that has actually used the phone outside of the US comment on the quality of the phone features. Quality of call, sound, BT capabilities, etc.
What about making and terminating a call. I have horrible memories of my first Droid.

Next, what about email. How many email accounts will the phone support. Will it support IMAP as well as Pop3?

How secure is the device when used as a hot spot?

In reality, for me, I will be using these features far more often then sharing videos and playing games. This might not even be the most practical choice of device, but I am curious to get some feedback regarding these questions, just the same.


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