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Alright so everywhere I look says that the V series you have to replace the whole display including the frame which requires a complete teardown of the phone. I can not ANYWHERE find a V35 ThinQ repair guide, so I'm wondering. I have a replacement GLASS for my phone, which still has two plugs on it but it's just my glass that's broken so I didn't need everything else including a digitizer. I had a HTC A9 that I only replaced the glass on so I figured any phone is like that, also they sell just the glass kit so it's gotta be possible, right? Is it just held in by normal adhesive? Does anyone have any tips or anywhere to point me to? This phone is very new and there was only one website in US that I could find a glass replacement to order, now I just can't find a guide anywhere or even see where anyone has done this before without sending it to LG to have them fix it.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Replacing the glass means heating the existing glass uniformly to within a range of about 5°F from coolest spot to hottest spot. Any hotter and you damage the screen, any cooler and removing the glass damages the screen. That's why no one replaces just the glass. You can buy the glass, but it's almost impossible to replace it. (The same goes for most digitizers these days - the adhesive releases at just below the temperature that the screen is damaged.)

Just another "improvement" brought to us by the manufacturers. The adhesive grips at a lower temperature than it releases, so it can be put on - but it can't be taken off. (They don't make money when you buy an aftermarket piece of glass - they do when you buy a new screen.) (The deductible isn't that much more than the screen, so you're not losing that much.)

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