verizon,4GLTE Galaxy s4, connected to wifi but cant get online sites, wondering if its a new samsun


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Jul 9, 2018
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wondering if its a new Samsung internet update or not?
any pro's here with any real help?
last night it didnt connect to wifi.. then i relaoded my wifi code.. that didnt help last night but this morning it says im connected. but still no true internet connection.
my navigator, while at home, seems to fuction.. I dont know if it will when i leave house


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Feb 12, 2012
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Do you have any other computer-type device with a keyboard? if so:

Turn off Wifi on the phone.

Get to a command line (in Windows, it's the Windows+R keys, type in cmd and hit Enter - in Linux it's a terminal - I don't know [and don't want to know - MacOS]). It has to be connected to the internet. Type

ping -t

You should start seeing line after line of replies. Now connect the phone's Wifi and see if that stops the replies. If it does, the phone is doing something to disrupt your connection to the internet.

If not, or if you don't have any computer to test it with, call your internet service provider's tech support number and see if they'll help you. (Start with the phone's Wifi turned off.)

What you have is probably a limited connection. The phone connects to the router, but the router isn't connecting it to the internet. And that's almost impossible to troubleshoot without access to your line (which your provider has). That used to be common in Windows 98 days, but I've even gotten it once in a while with Windows 10. (Because of one bit of stupidity on my part or another.)

We have had reports of a few Samsung phones causing a problem with the Oreo update, but the S4 wouldn't have been updated to Oreo.

Your navigator runs from the GPS satellites, not from Wifi. Different type of connection entirely. Run off the map, though, and it may not be able to load one for the next area.