Verizon and billing


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Jul 13, 2012
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In the next 2 weeks I will be buying a Note 2. I really want to leave AT&T, I am doing my homework on how much more or less my monthly bill will be.
I have 4gb of data on ATT, 1500 text, unlimited talk. My bill with my corporate discount is 130.77 month after tax.

I am thinking, that if Verizon is as good a provider as everyone says they are I will be burning more data. I am thinking about getting the 8gb which would put me at $120 before tax. My work email uses an exchange server will Verizon charge me an extra $15 a month to use that email or is that extra $15 just for Blackberry.

John Campbell

Dec 2, 2012
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You should just be paying the flat data rate plus overage. Imo you should forward the email out to a Gmail account with double authentication but I don't know the details of your proxy server. Maybe it won't be allowed. Best bet is to call Verizon outright. I went with 4gigs then dropped to 2 after realizing how much I stay on wifi. You will only be at 6 gigs before tax at 120, unless they do offer you a discount. Tax in NY is almost 16%... idk where you are. Gl