Verizon Charging me for swaping sim cards

Pionel tapinessi

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Mar 22, 2016
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So i got a prepaid verizon android phone today just to keep it as a back up device. I currently have a note 4 on contract with verizon so i decided to put the sim card on my note 4 to the prepaid device to see if i get service, i noticed it didn't work so i returned the sim card to the original device and my service is now cut off and i can only receive calls but not call or use data. I called verizon and one of the representatives told me that i have to pay $40 dollars just to activate my sim card again but i dont want the service on the other device but they said i had no choice in order to get my service back. Could they be ripping me off or sre they correct about this?

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Jan 26, 2013
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Could they be ripping me off or sre they correct about this?
The day Verizon doesn't try to rip their customers off is the day the moon will turn blue!

Visit a Corporate store and see if someone can help you there. Elevate to the manager if you have to. Just tell them you were messing around with the phones and you just wanted to see what would happen. It was without malice, so for Christ's sake, ask them to give you a break!

I'm on Verizon myself, but heavily considering dumping them after my contract is over.