verizon is a pain in my rear sometimes!

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Nov 13, 2009
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So I called cs today about some issues with my phone (storm1). My early upgrade is eligible saturday so they bumped it up to today and told me I could go to a corporate store and upgrade there. I decided to do that because I was deciding between the droid and eris.

Me and my wife drive 30 mins to town and decide to grab dinner before I go upgrade. After dinner we go to the store and I am told that even though it states on my account that I can upgrade that they are unable to do it and I have to do it through cs, BUT I could have it overnighted free and have it tomorrow..............

I call cs and they say that can take care of me. I ask about having it overnighted and they said it was an extra $8, but I was too late and I would still only get it wednesday!

I know I was dealing with 2 totally different worlds, but if your not 100% sure about something then don't tell the customer!

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