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May 24, 2011
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Wholly Crap boys and girls. You’ll never guess what just popped up on my phone here in Austin. That’s right kiddies. I’m getting some full on 4G lovin now:p I was reading about the NFL app giving 4G users free access this year and I was thinking dang, too bad we only have 3G here right now. I’ve been running on 3G only to conserve battery life. I decided to flip the switch just to see and HERE WE GO :) There goes my battery life but hey who cares right now right. I’ve been complaining about my Charge a bit lately but this little present may ease the pain for awhile. Still can’t wait to get a dual core, 1gb RAM device on this network though. And since I’m not seeing anything official about it being lit off in this area yet, it could just be in testing mode but for now hey, I’ve got 4G and I’m all excited. It also may not be the whole area. I happen to work for a company that has a VZW tower on site and I've been working with them to get this stuff installed, but they don't let me in on when they are turning it on. I'll try at the house tonight and provide an update. Funny thing for me was that when I kicked it on, all my speakers started humming with that rf data interference sound you get in the speaker of your office phone. Sounded like aliens invading or something :D And yes that is a 31Mbps your seeing on that speed test.

Update 9/6: I'm seeing good 4G coverage all over the areas I drive. I'm all happy.
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