Verizon Message+ App - Keep Awake

Jeff Hager

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Oct 30, 2014
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I've noticed this a couple times in the past couple weeks, but sometimes the Verizon Message+ app will keep the phone awake and drain the battery faster than usual. I noticed it again today. I Force Stop didn't fix it, as it just fired right back up and still kept the phone awake. Rebooting the phone seems to have fixed it. Has anybody else, using this app, noticed this?

Also, as a weird side note, I was in the basement of my office building yesterday, with bad signal, and missed a group text message. I never did get the message on my phone, but I did get everybody else's replies to the original message. I was able to log into the verizon website to view the original message. I wonder if it is a side effect of signing up for the message syncing option through verizon messaging.


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Nov 11, 2010
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The cool part about the Messaging + app is it sends SMS and MMS over WiFi if a connection is available. I have the location features shut off, and verizon location agent disabled to save battery.