Verizon Replaces My Customer Service Is Amazing... True Story


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Oct 17, 2010
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So im on my Boat on Lake Michigan when from the bridge I hear a Mayday come over the wireless. Its a water taxi with about 30 people aboard taking on water. So I pull anchor fire up the diesels and head over there because the Coast Guard cutter was still quite a distance away. So when I arrive the taxi is already half underwater and most of the passengers are in the water. My boat has a 17 foot beam and a large swim platform at almost water level so I begin taking on the 30 soaked refugees in business attire when all of a sudden my handset falls from my pocket into 35 feet of water. Whoopsie I think, guess now I will have to make an insurance claim. When I get home I call Assurian and get told when Verizon swapped out my Droid Charge for my current handset somehow the insurance was never added back to my account NICE! So I call Verizon get this very nice lady that looks up my account and says WOW you are right you had the coverage on the charge but it was never transferred to the new handset when we swapped it out, and to make matters worse the handset you have will cost $700 to replace off contract. :mad:
After spending an hour on the phone this lady managed not only to get my -Phone replaced for FREE they sent me a brand new one in a sealed box not even a refurb. The way I see it they really didn't have to replace my handset and could have claimed it wasn't there fault but they did take blame and came through with flying colors. Verizon isn't the cheapest around but unlike AT&T and some others I have had in the past, they know how to treat there clients. Thanks Verizon!


Nov 21, 2011
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Yes, I've had unusually excellent custome care from Verizon myself. I would expect, based on my experiences, that Verizon would do right by someone who did what you did.

The new data plan on my home modem bothers me, but I don't expect them to keep the overpriced data plans too far into the future.

Verizon usually does what is right while keeping in mind it is a for profit company.

My experience was personal and part of a bad time in my life. My mother used a cell phone on my account and she had my cell number which she called from a land line. It was after her stroke. She ran my bill up thousands of dollars in less than a month. Verizon helped me through that.