Verizon S7 Edge cutting out when streaming music

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Verizon S7 Edge cutting out when streaming music.

My S7 Edge cuts out when streaming music from the Internet on my home network WIFI, but not at my work WIFI. I would normally suspect a home network issue, BUT, I can stream music with no interruptions on two laptops, Smart TV, Yamaha AV receiver, and my wife’s iPhone 6. If I stream the same source with my S7 and her iPhone side by side, when the S7 cuts out the iPhone is rock solid.

The iPhone does have about a one second lag behind the S7, not sure if that is significant.

I’ve tried every suggestion from the various forums including resetting the S7 to factory, and Verizon just sent me a new S7, but the problem persists even before I added apps and restored. I’ve unplugged all devices in the house that could be causing interference, no joy.

A friend has the same issue on a Note 8, and says it is a well-known Samsung or Android issue.

Here are a couple of things I’ve not tried yet:

Resetting to a prior Android OS
Replace my CenturyLink wireless router with another one so I can log connectivity
Getting a new SIM card from Verizon (it arrives tomorrow)
Switching to an iPhone

Anyway, thought I’d post this and see if anyone has ideas I might have missed. Thanks.