Verizon SGN3 - Sync Drags All Old E-mails Off Server


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Mar 23, 2014
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I have had the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for 30 days now thru Verizon. I have 4 e-mail accounts set-up, 3 pop3 thru network solutions & 1 GMail account. The native e-mail client worked great for 3 weeks, it all started when it just stopped syncing period...had to sync manually. Now the phone syncs every 15 minutes but drags all of my e-mails off the server starting with "Yesterday's" mail then proceeds to drag off all e-mail up to 2 weeks back. I spend all my time deleting the same e-mails over & over. Deleting them off my server after read is not an option I want to pursue. I have delete & re-added all the e-mail accounts several times, Verizon as well as I have performed several soft resets to no avail. Verizon's solution was to use K9 as a mail client which I did not like. I know I am dreaming, but why shouldn't the native e-mail client work as advertised? This issue does not seem to have an issue with Gmail & I have 6 other phones using the same Network Solutions server with no issues. Any help would be great.
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Oct 16, 2009
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Unfortunately nothing you can do with the Pop accounts. Happens with most newer Samsung devices. I have tested HTC, Moto and Windows Phone all with no issues. I have complained to Samsung several times with no fix in sight. Only option is to set to delete off of server or get an Exchange hosted account. One of my main cons with Samsung phones. You will have to keep cleaning out your Pop accounts on your server.

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