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Verizon Update To OS 5.1.1 - Battery Question


Trusted Member
Mar 26, 2011
So, the Verizon OTA Update for OS 5.1.1 is out, and I had a couple of questions.

How is the battery life with OS 5.1.1?

And, I had actually planned to factory reset and replace my battery today.

I know I will still factory reset, but should I replace my battery upon starting the new OS?

Is the new OS good for battery life?

And, what are the other updates 5.1.1 has?


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Dec 13, 2010
I won't know about battery life for a day or so. I am not doing a factory reset. I had to do one last week. I did the cache tho. I will decide after I see how things go. I am not replacing the battery. Its in excellent condition. I do notice its not running hot and that's a huge plus off the bat!

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