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Verizon upgrade in 1 week, need advice :) Should I go with one of these phone?


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Verizon upgrade in 1 week, need advice :)

So my upgrade is next Friday and I am torn between the major devices out there, looking for owners of said devices opinion's on real world use. Currently using Moto X (2014)

Devices I'm looking at w/ likes and concerns:

Nexus 6:
Likes: Love stock android, big phones, fast updates, front facing speakers
Concerns: Battery life, longevity of hardware, camera

Galaxy S6 edge:
Likes: Edge display looks cool, build quality, fingerprint scanner, camera
Concerns: Battery life, touchwiz, lag or stutter

LG G4:
Likes: Screen size, camera, removable battery, expandable storage
Concerns: LG's skin, lag, future support, battery life

Droid Turbo:
Likes: Battery capacity, near stock Android, durability
Concerns: Lack of Lollipop update, camera, future support by Motorola, screen size

So if anyone out there owns any of these devices and wants to put in their 2-cents on real-world usage I would greatly appreciate it.

Let me know what y'all think, should I go with one of these phones? Is one better than the other? Are aliens real? Thanks :)


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Jun 18, 2015
Re: Verizon upgrade in 1 week, need advice :)

Be aware that most f the cool stuff that made this phone really cool has been taken out by VZW. Not a big deal breaker for my I would have loved to have themes without downloading a third party installer .

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Jul 7, 2013
Re: Verizon upgrade in 1 week, need advice :)

Keep in mind, just because you CAN upgrade doesn't mean you HAVE to.

I believe the device aaronth198 is talking about is the G4, there are apparently features "missing" from the Verizon version.

I know a few people with the Turbo, it's a good device despite the lack of the Lollipop update. Other than not being current, is there a NEED for it if the device is working well on KitKat?