Very confused first smart phone Captivate owner


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Sep 19, 2011
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I have read so much on these forums. I am so super confused now. My captivate is a month old.
Love the screen, camera, and weight. Problems I'm having already.. Gets so hot I use speaker
phone so its not against my face. Freezes already on random screens. Today, my text messaging messed up. I can't send a message , however I can receive one. I am beginning to think I made
a mistake with this phone. I actually researched for several months before committing . With that said... Here are just a fraction of the quesions I would like help with.
Should you download apps to maximize performance? Is the task killer really harmful ? Do I need a virus protection on here ? My biggest question.... What is " rooting ", and why should I ? Oh, yeah.
I have so many more.. If anyone can give solid, tried and tested advice, I would be ever so grateful.
Thanks in advance... :-\

Moscow Desire

Mar 3, 2011
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Captivate is a great phone. Can't understand why it gets so hot, but usually, it is either a rogue app you installed, or corrupt software, A factory reset should fix it, but, if it doesn,t, pop a note in the captivate forums or general android.