Vibrant (aka my best and worst phone ever)


Mar 4, 2011
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I got the vibrant after having a windows 6 lg incite on att, I ****ing learned to hate that phone. I spent too much on att, the phone was a slow ass grandma, and I felt really limited. Only upsides to it were the fun games, fast att 3g, and mobile office... Then in december of 2010, I bought the vibrant. I plopped down 300 bucks for the best phone they had at the time. I fell in love. Android was amazing, all I could ever want, the vast amount of free apps and great games still astound me.the vibrant's display and processor and free space are amazing. I have over 500 songs, a couple hundred apps, a few movies and I still have plenty of the original 18 gb left. In short I love this phone.
however I also hate this phone/android,. Tmobiles coverage isnt that great, I live in orange county california anf loose 3g all the time. Also, the thing about android phones is there are always better phones coming out. My phone was top of the line when I bought it. Now two months later there are at least a dozen better than mine. I can't upgrade for 1 and a half years. I wonder what amazing device is going to be out then.. At least I have a sim card lol, hello ebay?l


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Jul 30, 2010
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I wouldnt go so far as to say that there are a dozen better phones than yours. The Vibrant is still up there with all the other smart phones and even the ones that are better are really only better by the tiniest margins, and even then the Vibrant still has features that dwarf other phones such as the SAMOLED screen. The only phones that are truly superior are probably going to be the dual core phones and the only one that has even been released yet is the Atrix, and again I doubt you'd notice a huge performance increase. Don't worry about not having the latest and greatest phone the Vibrant is a killer device.


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Mar 19, 2011
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The Atrix is NOT better than the Vibrant.
March 17th 2011 I was the first one at my local bell store and got the Atrix with the labtop dock. Brought it home, played around with it and thought it was the BEST. I used the labtop dock and noticed that it you were able to stretch the phone's screen to any size, that was pretty cool. But then I also noticed that when you use any of the apps on the phone through the dock it SEVERELY impedes the performance of the Atrix. I loaded Angry Birds and found that it had a hard time running it, even if the mirrored screen was skewed to a smaller size. I then noticed that Motorola made NO effort to offer an "App killer", thus 70% of the phone's processor was focused on running these apps in the background. After I finally got App Killer Pro on the phone, I was able to kill SOME of the apps. But after I opened a SINGLE game application, I noticed there were TONS of apps running in the background. This frustrated me to no end, the processor's speed was the same if not a little worse than other smartphones. I ran a few benchmarks on the Atrix and found that it compared almost exactly to other smartphones (Galaxy S's, HTC's etc..) in performance. But if you compare graphics, thats a whole different subject.
At first glance, if you haven't had a smartphone (with good display such as Galaxy S's or others), you wouldn't be able to tell that the display was HORRIBLE. After I took my brothers phone (Galaxy S Vibrant) and compared them side by side, I found that the display on the Atrix was TERRIBLE!! I couldn't believe how bad the display was on this phone. As a test, I loaded a downloaded HDTV xVID version of Simpsons onto the Atrix and my brother (with his Vibrant) STREAMED the same episode of Simpsons on his phone. Right away you could tell that the Atrix's display was grayish and horrible looking. Sure, the picture was KIND OF clear, but nowhere clear enough to justify horrible picture. The Vibrant, although streaming from a website, still produced a better picture than the Atrix. In a second test we loaded the Vibrant with the HDTV xVID version and found that it was both CLEAR and had a beautifully colourful picture. For example, the skin colour of the Simpsons were GLOWING with bright yellow tones, whereas the Atrix produced a brown-ish colour of yellow. I was shocked.

Suppose you don't mind not having FULL "dual-core" processor speeds, and you don't mind not having a good display (of which you'll be looking at for 90% of the phones usage), and you say that the Atrix has the cool labtop dock feature which NO other smartphone has. That's hardly a good argument. I bought the labtop dock for a whopping $329.95 (plus tax, which totaled to about $355.26 in Canada). In comparison, you could get a brand new labtop for that much with more than TRIPLE the computing power of the Atrix. But lets set that aside, and look at the labtop dock. ALL it does, is mirror the Atrix's screen and allows you to browse the internet without viewing through the mirrored screen. THAT'S IT. The dock has 2 USB ports, but thats ONLY for mouse and keyboard. You cant plug another cellphone device into it, you cant plug a USB Stick into it. You cant do ANYTHING with it.

Overall, the Atrix was a HORRIBLE purchase. The morning after I bought it brought it back as soon as I could, due to the fact that contracts are bound after 24 hours. Got $508.45 back from the $564.95 I paid for the Atrix and walked away with a Vibrant (a MUCH better phone, period).

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