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Video! Android HDR Pics Take Photos like a Pro w/ Phone


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Oct 18, 2010
I usually hang just in the Droid Charge area, but I am looking to branch out. I would like everyone to get the most of their phones, so I have been making videos to do this. I hope you find it helpful.

In this episode you'll see how to take high quality pictures with your Android phone and the regular camera app. Some people are disappointment in the performance of their phone camera...this will help you bring out the most in your phone.

Android HDR Pics - Take Photos like a Pro w/ a Phone by: KDtech.co - YouTube

And as many of you have found I have many videos on rooting and ROMs. I am looking to make some more. Below is a list. Let me know what you think...


Some future Android videos -

Turn your old Android phones into a home security system.

Use your phone to track your lost or stolen electronics.

Tie your family in via Android tracking to stay safe.

ROM the Droid Charge with Tweaked! - because it rocks!

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks for watching!