Video file unsupported (still plays but can't be edited with Kinemaster)


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Aug 4, 2014
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I've been using the S6 to edit video from my Sony ZV1 using Kinemaster.

This has been working really well but recently I've been having issues with some video files showing as unsupported and being greyed out in gallery after I've transferred them using a USB C SD card adapter.

This was the case previously and wasn't an issue as the files still played perfectly well, and up until recently I could still edit them in Kinemaster. However, in recent days these greyed out video files can no longer be edited (although still playback fine). What I have to do now is edit them first using Powerdirector, which is ok but time consuming and also changes the frame rate.

What's strange is that these same files do not show as unsupported on my Note 9. I can't understand what's causing this issue, any ideas?

The video files are XAVC 4k 25fps 100mbps.