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voice to text nightmare


New member
Mar 13, 2018
Is there a talk to text better than Google Voice or Samsung voice on this S8. Seems like Google Voice was a whole lot better on my S7 then it is on this S8. As a matter of fact my conversations are always sabotaged. Right before I hit send. Just the other day I was talking to a friend and right before I hit send the last few words were changed to I love you and that was definitely not what I said. And I actually had to get an answer to that which I did not want to hear. Most of the time I end up actually typing out the words because it's quicker than going back constantly with the voice to text. Does anybody have a quick fix or know of an upgrade download perhaps a setting that I have wrong. I have heard from quite a few people that talk to text has been an issue on other Android phones but mine is night and day difference between my last phone which was an S7 to this phone which is an S8. I've actually had five S8 so far and I had the same issue with all of them. My clients will answer me back with what language is that or please read what you sent. I'm open for the advice of a new talk to text app if somebody knows one.


May 11, 2010
I just got an S8 a few months ago as a warranty replacement. The voice to text sucks and is completely worthless. It is very frustrating.

I normally use it all the time. It worked great on my S6 and S7.