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Voicemail icon won't go away on Pixel 2

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Hi, I know many others have had this problem but none of the solutions are working. I have a Pixel 2 that I use on Sprint and my voicemail icon won't go away despite having no messages. When I go into the phone app settings and clear data, it goes away, but it always inevitably comes back (I think it comes back whenever my phone has to roam or lose service, but can't confirm that for sure).

I've tried calling my phone and leaving a message and then deleting that message, doesn't work at all. Tried hanging up from voicemail by pressing *, also doesn't work.

Anyone else have any suggestions? Appreciate any and all help in advance, thanks!

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Have you asked Sprint if they're able to clear out any flags on the server side?


New member
Apr 25, 2018
I had the same problem.
I tried various reset procedures and when I got rid of the notification it came back with connection.
It seems to be the voicemail server has a problem their end with the voicemail count increment.
I seem to have found a solution that is working for me.
I dialed my voicemail, listened and either saved or deleted all messages through the list.
Then I selected notifications from the voicemail options and selected to turn off notification for new voicemails.
I was going to turn it back on after getting rid of the notification. However although i selected to turn off the notifications still come through but don't get stuck after listening to the message and either deleting or saving it to clear the notification.
After I had set it to no notification I dialled my own number and left myself a message.
A notification came even though I had turned them off, I listened to it and deleted it and hung up.
The notification cleared after about ten minutes.
I have repeated leaving a message and listening to it and was notifide and it self cleared as it should after listening and deleting.
Hope this is of help to others.


Trusted Member
Oct 22, 2012
Had this issue quite a few times and the only thing that worked and made the icon stay away was to leave myself a few voicemails from another number. 1 voicemail never seemed to work but if I left 3 just to make sure then deleted them they'd stay away permanently

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