VoLTE energy efficiency?


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VoLTE energy efficiency

Is VoLTE more energy efficient than 1x calling, or would it depend mostly on which signal is strongest?

Also, the VoLTE option is grayed out during a call. I am assuming it is working, but the sound quality isn't really any better than when it is in the off position. The 1x call quality is so darned good on the Droid Maxx, I can't tell.

I'm guessing the main advantage is to be able to talk & use data at the same time?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Energy efficiency where? In the phone battery? In the spectrum? At the tower? What, exactly, are you looking for? (Higher frequency - which LTE uses - costs more to generate, but makes more efficient use of the spectrum - and is effected by entropy sooner - so it's a VERY complex question if you don't put some parameters around it.)