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Volume issue with the new Android update (Nougat? Latest one, March 2017) on Samsung S7


AC Question

OK, I don't know if anyone can help me with this but here goes.

I bought a Samsung S7 phone in February and one of the things I loved about it is that you could turn the call volume up really loud, and I mean really loud, so loud it hurt my ears, so I could actually hear what people were saying to me over my headset in the car. Then, if that still wasn't loud enough there was a more loudness button! Not that I ever, ever, ever needed to use that. After 8 years I could hear on the phone again.


For a month ...

After inadvertently downloading an Android update, I have a cool new interface and a really good thing that stops everything running all the time and saves me battery life.

However, unfortunately, the call volume has gone back to the kind of maximum volume that is designed to avoid deafening teenagers. Result. I can't hear diddly squat that anyone says to me. The more volume button works a bit but you have to be in call to use it and I haven't found a way to activate it vocally. With new laws about using my mobile while driving in my country, I don't really want to be fiddling around with it while at the wheel - that way a massive fine and penalty points lies.

I appreciate this is probably to protect the ears of normal people but in my case, that ship has well and truly sailed. I'm deaf. Not quite deaf enough to need a hearing aid; indeed, not deaf enough to notice it anywhere in normal every day conversation face to face, but definitely deaf enough to need enhanced volume capacity on any phone I use.

So my question is this: does anyone know how I can go about fixing it either by:

a) temporarily rolling back Nougat to Marshmallow (ie rollback the brand new Android interface to the one that is being retired) until someone comes up with a fix so I can go back to the joy of being able to actually hear what the person I'm speaking to is saying when I use my phone and transfer seamlessly when they've fixed the nanny option on the new one.


b) Does anyone know of a hack or app that will make the call volume go really loud like the old one used to. But something which will run in the background and make my calls loud automatically, I want to avoid anything I have to activate for every call.

I don't need a loop. I'm not hearing-aid deaf. I just need volume that can compete with something loud, like standing next to a building site or talking as I walk down a busy road.

Any help and ideas would be hugely appreciated.