Volume on car stereo mutes as soon on first maps prompt and stayes muted.

Derek Gammage

Jan 5, 2014
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I have a million issues with wireless andriod auto with a new pioneer head unit but I'll focus on the newest and most annoying. When using Google maps in wireless andriod auto my stereo volume mutes to a very low level at the first voice prompt from maps. I cannot regain control of my stereo volume without restarting the stereo and or my phone. Only to happen again and again. Wireless andriod auto is seriously the most dangerous thing I've ever used while driving. It is a constant bombardment of issue after issue. I have tried to contact Google a number of times with absolutely zero feedback. About to throw this pioneer head unit out amd 86 andriod auto all together. I've uninstalled and reinstalled AA several times and checked settings. This is a new problem that just started over the last week or so. Any suggestions? I'm using a pixel 2 xl.