VZW G2 oem kitkat- new notification services settings page missing?


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Feb 23, 2011
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4.3 introduced a new notification system that replaced the Accessibility services workaround many apps were using to provide better control over their notifications. lightflow is a popular app that did this.

the new system is supposed to be under settings > security > notification services or something like that, but is not present on my vzw g2 running stock kitkat.

how do I access this page? did lg or vzw bone us? is the system still present with it's page hidden, or is it not even implemented?

I have a pebble steel and 4 or 5 apps for it that require the advanced notification system be enabled for them to get the full benefit of the apps.

what's odd is lightflow appears to be working as if this setting is enable: it doesn't prompt to enable anything when launching it.

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