Walks like a Note 3, Talks like a Note 3....but is it one? I need some help here.


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Jul 28, 2015
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Hi All,

I recently picked up a black Galaxy Note 3 off of eBay. it was listed as a new, unlocked ATT, model SM-900A and the seller's feedback was perfect. It arrived quickly, and while the box was open, all the contents looked to be in perfect condition and still wrapped in plastic, etc. By almost all appearances it seems legit, except for two things that worry me:

1. The back cover doesn't have the grippy faux-leather feel. it's basically molded plastic, matte finish, with some faint texturing, but nothing remotely "leathery". My wife has a Note 3 and her back cover is definitely different (it has the grippy feel).

2. The serial number in the software doesn't match the serial number on the sticker inside the battery housing. However, the IMEI numbers both match.

Aside from those two details, everything else seems to indicate that it's an authentic Note 3. Here's what I've checked so far:

* The IMEI number checks out
* The phone is recognized by Samsung Kies software
* The "Genuine Galaxy - Phone Info" app says it's authentic.
* The phone seems to check out as authentic using the "Phone INFO ★Samsung★" app.
* The AnTuTu Benchmark app scores it around 44000, which I think is in line with other users with authentic Note 3 phones.
* The screen appears to be made of glass and shows no ghosting, fading or discoloration if I press hard on it with my finger.
* The S-Pen works, is clickable, has the grey button and the S-Pen menu is in the settings. It looks completely identical to my wife's Note 3 S-Pen.
* The phone boots to Samsung logo, then ATT logo. It doesn't boot to Android logo.
* Samsung and ATT apps are installed on it.
* It's made in Korea
*Boot time when turning my phone and my wife's phone on at the same time is about equal.
*All of the physical features on my phone appear to match my wife's Note 3 exactly, except for the back cover.

So far, it seems that the phone should be authentic, but the case backing and serial number discrepancy bugs me. Is there a logical reason for this? Are there any other steps to take to verify the authenticity of my phone?


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