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Warning - Android Device Manager - Find My Device - Samsung Galaxy S7 Active - Help!

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Android Central Question

First a comment: I used Android Device Manager /Find My Phone to "lock" a Samsung galaxy S7 Active phone that I thought had been lost. It worked. However, it was impossible to unlock the phone after I found it again. This INCLUDED working with Samsung technical support. Apparently ADM/FMD plays particularly poorly with the "Active" model. The Samsung technicians also said that there is no way a user can unlock a standard S7 phone without returning it to Samsung.

Purposes for Posting:
1.) I hope I can help others: BE WARY OF USING ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER to lock a Samsung device. It works, but you may not like all the consequences.

2.) HELP! Anybody have any advice?

I have a Samsung authorized repair center working on this. I will post updates as I have them.