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Caden W

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Dec 7, 2017
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Hi all, first time posting on here.

To start I have a Samsung galaxy s7 edge (SG-G935W8). I got this phone in October 2016. Recently the rear-facing camera went funky and all of my images taken with the rear-facing camera started having green/purple lines on them. I figured that it was the camera itself that had broken as the front facing camera still works. There are no signs of physical damage on the camera.

Note: The phones warranty is already voided as I had the device rooted at one point.

So after doing some research online I got this replacement camera.
Screenshot_20171206-155714.jpg Capture1.JPG Screenshot_2017-12-06-21-07-13_1512619657190.jpg

Fast forward 1 week later and it arrived. Yesterday I took the device apart following a YouTube tutorial.

After replacing the old camera and closing the device back up I turned the phone back on. Opening the camera app this is the message I am now prompted with.


I took the device apart again and made sure the camera was connected and placed in there snugly. Reboot, and same message. I then proceeded to clear the cache and camera data from the application manager and reboot in safe mode. Same error.

I've watched a few other online tutorials to try and trouble shoot the "Warning: Camera failed." error. Some suggested tips were to use the MMI code *#7353# through the phone app but I am prompted with another error code.

From here I have no clue where to go. I tried messing around with network SIM card settings and resetting my network provider to Telus again, but that did not fix the issue with inputting MMI codes.

If I open the phone back up and put in the old camera the camera app opens and takes images with the green/purples lines.

At this point I have given up on the idea that I know what im doing, if anyone has any experience or idea on how to solve this issue that would be wonderful.

Thanks, Caden

James Wheatley

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Mar 16, 2013
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Hi I was wondering if you solved this. The camera modules look identical. I have just purchased the same module but haven't opened my phone up yet. The module looks like a sony camera in your images but the advert says it replaces the samsung camera. On other web pages the Samsung module is round and the sony module has diagonal edges in each corner. The confusing thing is it doesn't have sony stamped on it.


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Sep 18, 2018
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I've had the exact same issue with my phone since the Oreo update. Started with those funky lines which I dismissed as a random bug. Camera began to fail in both snapchat and on the camera app itself with the "camera failed" message. Strangely enough the camera will randomly choose to function in snapchat until I close the app and re open it. Clearly has to do with the software update. A patch from Samsung would be nice.

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