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WARNING: FoxFi may have Trojan/Virus affecting BIOS settings


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Sep 3, 2012
WARNING: FoxFi may have Trojan/Virus affecting BIOS settings

Hello everyone.

I joined this group today to inform you the the android app FoxFi may have a Trojan or Virus which after a period of time (roughly 7 to 10 days +/-) will disable and/or reconfigure your Internal Wifi card via your OS and/or your internet proxy setting and/ or even worse your BIOS which renders your ability to access the internet inoperable. Your wireless card will work and/or even connect to ANY network but you will not be able to access the Web.

I have done complete Virus scans using: AGV 8 / Avast 7 / Symantic 12 to no avail.

To date I have tested this theory on the following devices and came to a plausible conclusion:

Using my LG VM670 with app: FoxFi version 1.91.2

Laptops tested on and (RECOVERY METHOD PERFORMED):

- HP DV9000 w/ Windows Vista Home with Broadcom wifi card (BIOS FLASH to recover)

- HP DV6000 w/ Windows XP SP3 with Broadcom wifi card (BIOS FLASH to recover)

- LENOVO THINKPAD X61 TABLET w/ Windows XP SP3 & I set the BIOS FLASH LOCKOUT with Intel Pro Wireless wifi card (BIOS FLASH to recover)

As I am writing this I am testing a theory that if I do a complete factory re-install of my LENOVO THINKPAD T60 + T61, both of which has been "infected" to find out would the outcome be any different.

Stay tuned........


So the complete factory re-install of the complete OS on the THINKPAD T60 fixed the problem. Mirroring the default settings of Windows XP firewall, internet options and network settings on the T61 with no results I decided to completely UNINSTALL the Network Card and Wireless Card from the SYSTEM then RE-INSTALL them and viola'. they were up and running like normal.


Apparently this FoxFi TROJAN or VIRUS attacks the internal network and/or wireless card specifically and scrambles your network cards communications between itself and the Windows XX environment. To remedy the issue you should:

FIRST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE UPDATED "DRIVERS" FOR YOUR NETWORK DEVICES (You can find them on the website for your make and model computer usually under "Support". Look for "Drivers" then follow the instructions for "downloading drivers" for the network cards (both the Wireless and Ethernet cards)

click on "Start" then "Control Panel" then "System" then "Hardware" then "Device Manager" then "Network Adapters" right click on each and UNINSTALL each device then use the "Drivers" files for your computers Network Devices to RE-INSTALL them.

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