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Was my phone pre set up before I got it?


New member
Jan 9, 2018
I have a Samsung emerje. But its showing my phone interacted with a Samsung j3 pop. This phone was given to me on a family plan with someone. Did they set up my phone before they gave it to me or why is my device showing up j3 pop in activity? Also! It was given to me with no SD card in it.


Trusted Member
May 4, 2011
Where are you seeing the message that your phone interacted with a Samsung J3 Pop? It may be that someone set it up before giving it to you and used Bluetooth to transfer files between your Emerge and the J3 Pop.

Regarding the SD card, most phones don't come with them in the box - you'll need to supply your own unless the seller promised one, and in that case, I'd contact the seller.