Was the cashier out or order? (and possibly rascist, I get that all the time)


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Feb 24, 2017
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I was paying at a pharmacy for my antidepressants which i was behind on dosage wise. Android pay has always worked perfectly for me. I tried to pay and when my phone was near the terminal it was vibrating endlessly telling me to move it closer.

I am very good at reading people, although I can be a little paranoid sometimes. The person on the till was acting very oddly. I said I would try turning my phone off/on and she said I don't think its going to work and not to bother... but of an odd attitude. I asked later on whether it had been playing up at all, and she said it had been perfect all day.. hm.

I tried several more times, and was treated to a very rude attitude, she aggressively grabbed the console as she hadn't put the damn thing through on any subsequent time. I mean, the console showed no money on the screen, it was fairly obvious that she hadn't put through the order again and she kept telling me she had and insulting my intelligence. I looked at her annoyed which is when she grabbed the damn console and did something to make the currency reappear back on the screen.

I have no idea how the system works input-wise from the other side of the counter and am not sure whether I am paranoid or not. At best she had a ****ty attitude, at worst she was deliberately sabotaging the payment due to possibly thinking I stole the phone?

The system said that it couldn't proceed without a data connection at one point, which is bizarre becasue i've never needed an active connection before!!!!!!!!!


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