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Callum Williams

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Aug 2, 2013
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Hey guys i just wanted to let you know about a little situation that happened to me a few days ago and what i did that saved my phone from ultimate peril. Perhaps you guys could find this helpful too if you ever end up in the same situation.

Well i embarrassingly went swimming with my Galaxy s4 in my pocket. It was in my pocket for a good twenty minutes before i realized and also it was on when i got into the pool. Needless to say i thought i was done for, haha, but regardless i removed the back and battery along with the sim card and memory card and placed it in my locker.

I continued my swim for an hour and then when i got home about three hours later i put the phone on a shelf to dry.

I found on the internet that putting your phone in rice, covering the whole thing, is supposed to help because the rice will "soak up" the evaporating water and to put it in a sealed container as well.

I left this for three days, before turning my phone back on. I didnt have much hope but to my astonishment it turned on and is working perfectly like it was before. Nothing is damaged at all and its just like nothing happened.

Its been a few days and its still working perfectly so im just putting this up to help anyone that may have had an unfortunate water damage accident with their samsung galaxy s4 as well. There is hope!


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Jun 4, 2010
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I thought you had to do the rice thing for a week or more, and even then it would be iffy if it would work, and that was if you just accidentally got it wet. Not if you were swimming around for 20 minutes with it.

Good for you. I wouldn't recommend doing it again though :)

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