Water damage, new battery, flashing red LED, Issues!

Sean Brabazon

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Aug 19, 2015
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Hey guys,

I am hoping I can get some insight about my LG G2. First off this is a Canadian phone with Rogers, so version D803 I believe.

I'll try and make the story as short as possible;

Went rafting down a river (phone was in a ziplock bag) worked perfectly fine the whole trip till then end when we got off the river. I must have not closed the bag completely and water got in. When I check the phone had shut off (previously on) and I knew right away, mind you I panicked and tried to turn it on....

Fast forward about 5 days leaving it in rice, I decide to throw it on the charger. Life! a flashing red LED (that was a good sign to me) Anyways after lots of research I thought it was the battery, so I ordered one from Amazon. The new battery came in and I put it in (I'm not sure if its just my phone but the connector from the battery to the motherboard does not *click* and stay very secured). With the new battery in, it started charging! enough that I could turn it on.... but the screen didn't work (not sure if the water damage caused or but I did have screen sensitivity when I did manage to get it on?). I was able to guide my phone to unlock itself so I could connect it to the computer and transfer any important files from it.

Presently, the charging and turning on without the screen turning was short lived. Now I am experiencing a constant flashing red LED (almost if its bricked). No matter how long I leave it, continues to do the same.

If anyone know of what is causing this issue, please help me out I would appreciate it. I do have time to mess around with it as I got a Nexus 5 for my primary phone now.


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